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  Women are the most complex creatures known, they are sweet, charming, but they have different sense of everything, they are the difficult ones to please, yes! Take an example of your mother!


  I am not writing this post to offend all the females out there, but there are some habits that I am mentioning here which are really annoying! You will surely find the ten habits worth laughing, but poor you all we cannot change! As it is the women factor in us.


  10. Comparison


  “He used to be like that and you…!” or “Stop acting like him!” Well these statementsare the ones which made them do whatever they want to, and this habit is really annoying for guys, as they hate being compared!


  9. Crying at everything


  “My friend just got dumped!*tears*”, “It’s my 16trh Birthday!*tears*”, “I want to have an ice cream!*tears*” and the waterworksbegin on every single thing! And when you ask them what happened! They are like “No, everything is fine!” Take this FINE really seriously, because it consists of some seriously INSANE things that happened to her, and the tears just start flowing until they are quiet! Well actually they don’t just become quiet but they feel better, and start talking again.


  8. Late for everything


  “DONE! I’ll be there on time!” Yes, that is not true! Because women always lose track of time and either they are just late or fashionablylate. And then you hear them saying like” AM I LATE!” don’t you just want to bang your head in the wall?

  “說定了!我一定準時到!” 好吧,你可別信以為真。女人要麼沒時間概念,要麼會故意遲到。然後還會問一句“我遲到了嗎?”,等的人是不是特想撞墻?

  7. Bitching and being mean


  When it comes to bitching, yes! Females take the top spot, when it comes to jealousy and competition nobody can take the position but them. Even getting jealous from their friends, they wear the best stuff so that the other women around them are like WOW and the particular woman they want to impress is THE ENEMY, she can easily take her down in no time.


  6. Overdramatic


  “WHAT!! DID SHE…!! DID SHE DO THAT!!” that is an expression when a girl hears that some friend of hers got a haircut, I mean seriously?


  “Aww, Did you see the baby! God! She looked so adorable! Eeeeeehh!” that is an expression when a girl saw a baby girl laughing!


  “SHOPPPPINGGGGG!!!!*SCREAMS*” yes, they are so overdramatic!

  還有像“購物去啦!!!” 這種尖叫,也很常見。女人可真能誇張啊……

  5. I have nothing to wear!


  Girls have this annoying habit of deciding what to wear! Their closet is full of clothes, shoes, jewelry and they are like calling their boyfriends or best friends crying and say “I have nothing to wear!” or “I just don’t know what to wear”. Well you know this thing normally happens because girls usually think that they should not be wearing anything twice! As her friends or other girls have seen it already! This is totally insane and irritating!

  就算衣櫃裏塞滿衣服、鞋子、首飾,她們還是會跟好友或男友抱怨 “沒衣服穿!” 或“不知道穿哪件好!” 在她們看來,一件衣服就不該重復穿。別人都看她穿過了,哪還有新鮮感!——這習慣實在令人氣惱。

  4. Cutting in Line


  Even there is a huge board placed at a place saying “Wait for your turn!” or there is a queue of people standing, but these women actually do push people and cut in line, may be they consider it their right to do such thing and yeah! The worst part, they actually make a lot of excuses after doing it.


  3. Driving


  Without looking at the person sitting on a driving seat, you can easily say “it is a woman driving!” Yeah because women drive so slowly and their every move is so confusing that you easily know who the driver is. I don’t get it why are they scared to step a little harder on the accelerator? I swear it won’t break!


  2. Gossiping


  A girl just came back from shopping, or she bought a new pair of shoes or she had a haircut, or she had a fight with her boyfriend, here goes the phone call to her best friends and the gossip starts. It starts with “Hey you know!” and it goes off when they are tired. And when you just look at a girl’s expression when she is taking, it is a mixture of shock, irritating laughter, sad faces and so many other expressions.


  1. Do I look FAT!


  Every girl has this irritating habit of asking their boyfriends “do I look fat” and you reply “no you look ok!” and they are like “What! do I look just OK to you? That means I am fat!” Yeah! This is irritating, they look ok but still they think they are fat and that actually irritate the hell out of a man!